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MSHR is the name for the itinerant art and music output of Birch Cooper and Brenna Murphy.

Originally borne of the fertile DIY art scene of their native Portland, Oregon in 2011, the duo collaboratively build and explore sculptural electronic systems that primarily take the form of performances, installations, and combinations of both formats. Their performances are colourful, ritualistic sonic episodes that revolve around analog synth and software instruments of their own design, played in feedback with light and movement, while their installations involve self-built generative systems that range from hallucinatory VR environments to physical sculptures embedded with analog electronics.

The physical designs of MSHR's performance set-up come out of their broader art practice (elements of which are evidenced in Brenna's visual work for Visible Cloaks and Nivhek among others), weaving intuitive approaches in digital sculpting software to make tactile instruments for sonically invigorating live play.