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Nazar with Rob Heppell

**We are sorry to announce that due to unforeseen circumstances Nazar and Rob Heppell will not be performing at Bristol New Music.**

Nazar is an Angolan producer who grew up in Belgium until his late teens, when he returned after the civil war and is now based in Europe.

Nazar coined the term Rough Kuduro on his Soundcloud page, as an interpretation of the Angolan music and dance style, ‘weaponising’ it on his first EP 'Enclave' released in late 2018, translating the normally upbeat style to expose the uglier side of what he saw in Angola.

On his 2020 album Guerrilla on Hyperdub, Nazar uses Rough Kuduro to sensitively examine and digitalise his family’s collective memory and country's past, threading together oral histories, political realities and most significantly re-imaginings of direct horrors. Nazar tells his story both impressionistically, evoking atmospheres and dramatic themes and at times with stark directness.

His Bristol New Music show is a collaboration with the London video artist Rob Heppell.